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ki fu sta la ninja
(killer full stack lamp)
with extensive php, mysql, ajax, and javascript experience

tj fredrikson

P O Box 713, Winters, CA, 95694


steady stream of programming assignments
working either remotely or on-site in SanFrancisco tj fredrikson (when asked "what do you want?")
  • technologies

    php, mysql, ajax, html, css, javascript, jquery, jqtouch, sencha touch, bootstrap.js, smarty, joomla, xml, xml-rpc, xpath, laszlo, java, spring, jsp, c/c++, asp.net, vb.net

  • tools

    git, svn, cvs, perforce, phpunit, fogbugz, jira, anomaly, unfuddle, beanstalk, make, ant, j builder, eclipse, intelli j, java visual cafe, ms visual c++, javac, jdb, gdb

  • systems

    apple mac (leopard, snow leopard, lion, mountain lion, mavericks), windows (3.1, nt, me, 2000, vista, xp, 7, 8), ms-dos, unix, linux (bsd, centos, fedora, etc.), novell


  • thirteen years programming in php (since 2001), fifteen years in java (since 1999), seventeen years c/c++ (since 1997) backed by a formal education emphasizing proven theories and methods for creating and learning newly developed languages and methodologies.
  • excels at planning and architect-ing, then building, deploying, and maintaining sustainable web applications that are robust enough to solve the toughest issues, yet flexible enough to consistently integrate seamlessly with ever-emerging new technologies.
  • adept at troubleshooting complex web applications, especially when minimal guidance, instructions, or documentation are available.
  • consistently successful at taking responsibility for previously scrambled projects that seem doomed to failure, applying appropriate tools and processes to bring organization to the project, prioritizing issues and tasks to create a manageable path to deployment, and finally implementing the plan to bring the project to a successful live/production state.
  • nineteen years (since 1995) testing and implementing large scale and enterprise-level software applications with the best available proprietary or open source technologies including java/jsp, spring, struts, laszlo and lzx, php and lamp, xml, xpath, xml-rpc, asp.net, vb.net, c#, c++/c, perl, python, and many others.
  • client-facing technical project manager and developer of complex localized/internationalized (i18n) web apps, high volume e-commerce enabled database apps, highly accessible web applications built by and for blind users with varying levels of computer access and capabilities, as well as sophisticated web and cd-rom delivered custom applications purposely built so that clients can effortlessly manage the backend processes without requiring excessive support from programmers.
  • extremely high test scores on the two mathematics sections of the gre (100% and 96%), straight a's in all computer science classes and prerequisites, and accepted to one of the toughest computer science degree programs on the planet (uiuc required a 1400 or better on two of three sections of the gre to even be considered for acceptance).
  • worked, studied, and traveled in guam and the marianas, micronesia, the marshall islands, taiwan, the philippines, bali, sweden, germany, holland, france, spain, mexico, and canada.


tfredrikson and tj interactive, inc.
web and mobile architect, technical lead, agile lead, senior engineer, president & cto, founder
august 2004 - present
  • web engineer leverages top-notch, standards-based, and well supported open source software that integrates with existing tools to implement efficient, stable, and geographically dispersible web solutions that solve complex business and data related issues.
  • common solutions include import/exports via xml-based web services and/or using developers apis to link two disparate systems.
  • excels at writing and testing code that works in multiple browser and operating system environments
partial project list:
  • mobile application for accessing golightly social community sites from iphone, ipad, android, and blackberry devices written using jqtouch and jquery javascript libraries
  • google map integration and optimization to handle several thousand map locations efficiently
  • integrations with open source software including mediawiki wiki, vbulletin forums, lifetype blog, php icalendar, joomla cms and others
  • php api written using soap to facilitate salesforce integration to update member data
  • numerous ajax implementations including pulling data for search in tabs, map locations, mobile application data, etc.

partial client list:

nacio interactive (development services)
director of engineering, technical project manager, lead developer
aug 2005 - aug 2007
  • designing, implementing, and maintaining custom web applications and backend databases.
  • accurately able to determine client needs and issues in the context of currently existing methods, test several demo/prototype versions of potential solutions, provide feedback to key decision makers, then implement the system, train users, and monitor client reactions via project management and collaboration software as well as bug/defect trackers.
  • project environments can be radically different between clients, especially in cases where clients host their own site and/or have existing it staff to manage servers. development languages and databases most frequently employed include: java/spring/jsp, asp.net, vb.net, c#, php4 and php5, mysql and ms sql server.
  • collaborate with other nacio departments to detail necessary steps to fulfill needs expressed in requests for new project bids. provide cost estimates and timeframe necessary to complete projects. project success is often measured by the difference between the initial estimate and final hours worked as well as the ultimate satisfaction of client.
  • organizing technical projects and prioritizing developer workloads to consistently produce quality web applications within budget.
client list:
  • simon wiesenthal center - online business application used for data input and compilation then exported via xml to the cd-rom delivered multi-media application
  • buck institute - migration from proprietary ektron cms to open source joomla! cms
  • guide dogs for the blind - web app written to demonstrate various blind users' preferences and used to determine client specific needs, tested with actual "blind" power users
  • pfizer - chemical substructure searching intranet written using the java spring framework with spring web forms, ant, and junit
  • norwich university's experience norwich (xnu) - xml, php and mysql backend, adobe flash front-end
  • wells fargo's hands on banking   -  multi-lingual flash-based tutorial delivered via cd-rom and live web site
  • attest - web site integrated with salesforce for user authentication and support cases, registration key generator and online downloads of gasp computer auditing tools

laszlo studios
technical project manager, rich internet applications
march 2005 - october 2005
  • architected and coded the java-struts portion, extended the laszlo portion, and coordinated the entire project for a struts-to-laszlo internationalization piece enabling one set of java resource bundles to be used for language strings by both the struts and laszlo sections of a live auction that uses laszlo's persistent connection technology.
  • traveled to client site to provide integration support during development of internationalization piece.
  • debugged and extended code for a live, animated hotel locator map usable by more than one hotel chain.
  • intermittently provided email estimates and production quality code (within budget) working from my home office.
client list:
  • auto trade center - multi-lingual vehicle auction using laszlo's persistent connection
  • la quinta - semi-animated data-driven hotel locator map

marketlive (multimedia live)
web engineer, e-commerce
sept 2004 - march 2005
  • incident response (live site engineering) for an e-commerce company supporting 150+ clients totaling over $6 billion in online orders per year. acted as engineering's escalation point when it/managed services processes failed to resolve live site issues. e-commerce platform written in j2ee using java, jsp, xml, soap, and sql.
  • debugged and enhanced complex java applications that required integration of multiple technologies.
  • consistently produced clean code and integrated it into the live source to solve pressing live site issues.
client list:

tfredrikson and fenario
freelance engineer
january 2000 - present
  • managing all phases of web development from conception to implementation support, including architecting the design, coding software feature requests, on-going project management, and live incident response.
  • designing, implementing, and maintaining custom web applications and backend databases.
  • developing fully functional e-commerce enabled internet shops using j2ee or lamp including java or php as the host language, cgi or laszlo with http, mysql/mssql/oracle as the backend database, resin/tomcat for java virtual machines, and apache as the web server with unix/linux or iis with a windows machine.
  • developing websites for musicians, artists, and promoters (including sites for members of jefferson starship, frank zappa, sons of champlin, sly and the family stone, and the lake tahoe based band, blue turtle seduction) while promoting musical bands and venues including the reopening of the avalon ballroom in san francisco in 2002.
these sites were built pre-2005 and are still online today:
  • tracy notaro - photographer's gallery including thumbnails of featured musicians
  • hkrouk - graphic artist's gallery of posters promoting and commemorating musical events
  • cahootsgraffix - e-commerce site selling musicians' posters (godaddy shopping cart)

software engineer, intellectual property rights
nov 2000 - july 2001
  • translated high-level design goals into low-level details and implemented these designs.
  • completed tasks from remote home office with minimal supervision on or before all established deadlines.
build/release intern, web personalization software
aug 1999 - oct 1999
  • buildmaster for engineering company later acquired by macromedia (now adobe). software made it easier for e-commerce vendors to track information about visitors and provide choices tailored to the visitors likes and dislikes.
federal emergency mgmt agency
reservist, disaster assistance employee, planner, software specialist
sept 1992 - jan 2000
  • seven years with increasing responsibility in all areas of software development including application specification and design, testing/documenting software, and training/managing database and software technicians.
  • five years designing, documenting, accepting enhancements, deploying new releases, and supporting old versions of the ms-dos based system and later the windows95-based disaster assistance software.


university of illinois, urbana-champaign
started master of science - computer science (software track: databases)
  • eight courses remaining for completion of the master's of science in computer science degree.
  • designed and implemented sql databases and web-based interfaces using oracle8i and visual c++.
san francisco state university
bachelor of science equivalency - computer science (software track: programming languages)
  • achieved at least top 10% in every computer science class taken.
  • developed an interpreter/debugger for programming language modeled on java's virtual machine.
university of virginia
bachelor of arts - spanish (independent study: human linguistics)
  • studied spanish literatureand spanish historyin valencia, spain .
  • independent coursework focussed on   socio-linguisticsand how humans best learn languages.
  • after discovering that humans learn languages best before age nine, taught spanish to a local third grade class once every week for ten weeks.

test scores

graduate record exam (gre) 1995
  • analytical reasoning (mathematics) 800/800 (100%)
  • quantitative (mathematics) 770/800 (96%)
  • verbal 560/800 (70%)

1. Identify your toughest problem.
2. Solve it the simplest way possible.
3. Repeat. Kent Beck, eXtreme developer

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